About Katelyn

I’m Katelyn and I’m a designer.

I pull heavy influence from the nostalgia of childhood, in a time where I believed that everything was magical and there was no end to possibilities. I use this influence to create iconic brand identities, fresh print design, and whimsical illustrations for clients big and small. I strive to create work that fills the onlooker with an overall feeling of simplicity and wonderment. Through an organized process of obsessive attention to detail, a love for efficiency, and a little bit of magic, ideas ripen to reality. I take immense value in working with brands that understand the importance of investing in beautiful design—whether the design needs of a client are small-scope essentials or far and wide.  After all, design shouldn’t be anything less than magical.

“The essence of magic is controlling the perception of the audience.” — Doug Henning

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me @ info@katelynevedesign.com

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About Katelyn
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